The woes of a 20-something single girl…

“I’m too busy…”

The first time you hear someone you’re interested in dating say the words, “I’m just too busy” do yourself a favor and RUN the other direction.  I’ve personally been on both ends of this see saw of an excuse that people tend to use.  
To me, saying you are “too busy” for someone is the ultimate slap in the face.  I am a very literal and blunt person.  I tell you what I think and I try not to hide my feelings from my relationships.  If you do not like me, if you do not want to be seen with me, or you simply have no interest in pursuing matters further, please just tell me that.  The excuse of being “too busy” is just that, an excuse.  If you want to see a person and spend time with them, you will make time.  Trust me.  I have been busy as hell and still managed to fit that one boy in my life that I had an eye for at the time.  I think that people (boys and girls both) tend to use this excuse of I’m just too busy in order to stray away from facing their feelings.  It’s much easier to give this excuse than to either A) admit they might actually like the other person (gasp!) or B) tell the other person their true feelings (..that they don’t like them).

Often times I believe we forget that the time we spend with a person whom we value and enjoy spending time with is about quality, not quantity.  Just with friendships, the number of friends you have is completely irrelevant to your happiness.  The quality of those friendships, on the other hand, play an ultimate role in your relationship success and self-esteem.  

So, the next time you here those three little words build yourself up enough courage to say no thanks and walk away.  If that person truly does care about you then they will do something about it and not let you walk away.  More importantly, if you find yourself in the position of wanting to tell someone that you’re too busy, save them them the trouble and actually confess your real reason(s) for not wanting to spend time with them.


Single Girl


Ecards just get me.

I'm the Daniel Day-Lewis of convincingly acting at Thanksgiving like I'm happy about being single.

1. …because we all love when our family asks us where our significant other is and then asks us why we don’t have one.  *commence whispering*

I'm actually really happy being single right now.

2. As single girls we’ve all pretended to love being single..and don’t get me wrong it definitely has its advantages at times, but really who doesn’t want someone to call their own about 95% of the time?

My entire goal in life is to show my friends who are not single how awesome being single is.

3. Totally guilty of this.  Hey, let’s post some pictures of us having fun on our Facebook..let’s tweet about going out to this bar.  Because as much as being single sucks, letting others see that it sucks makes it SO much worse.

You're going to make the best single mom someday.

4. So this is supposed to be an encouraging one?  At least those of us who are stressed about not having working eggs later in life can take our sigh of relief.

Your wedding will be the perfect reminder that I'm still single.

5. Seriously one of the worst places to be single at or appear single at is a wedding.  I don’t care how many other single girlfriends you have there, nothing is the same as having a boyfriend or finding a date that you are actually going to enjoy yourself with.

You should try being single  for once.  Then we could date!

6. How come it always turns out that the cute boy that happens to be hitting on you at the bar is already taken?  Like, one why are you up in the bar at 2 in the morning..go home to your gf or wifey, and two, don’t appear available if you aren’t.  SIMPLE People!

Also, this one reminds me of that little thing that I really hate sometimes…it’s called timing.  She is such a little biotch sometimes.  Ever meet that person that you really connect with but one of you or both of you are physically and/or mentally unavailable at all the wrong times.  For real, why can’t we get the timing right?!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Nothing because I'm single.

7. Just another woe of being single.  No presents!!  & your boyfriend will actually buy you that present that you actually know, the one your mom won’t buy you because she found something else she KNOWS you will just love!

If my relationship status ever changes from single to married, please know that its not me, my account has been hacked.

8. Just for giggles…

9. LOL..

10. Annnd just because it’s close to Christmas…& I may be going for that whole “I don’t care that I’m single” angle again.